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Traditional crafts in tourism

Serbian Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications is investing 8 million dinars in preserving traditional crafts such as weaves, making quilts, leather items, traditional sweets, and candies. Then making folk musical instruments,  knitting, calligraphy, making tapestries ... This is the way these traditional activities bring younger generations and tourists closer to their skills, says Uroš Kandić, ministry’s secretary of state.

Do old crafts have the potential to influence tourism development?

Old crafts are an important part of Serbian tourism. They are a segment of the tradition that we are proud of, a part of the national brand of Serbia that makes us interesting to Europe and the rest of the world.

Who will benefit the most from promoting somewhat forgotten crafts and skills?

The goal is to increase the number of employees who are skilled in 105 traditional crafts. Furthermore, the idea is to preserve the family tradition that was passed from our ancestors to us and to sustain the population in rural areas. If we have people with knowledge, we can expect visitors to be interested to learn, says Kandić.

More info: https://mtt.gov.rs/

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