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Kađenica cave a natural heritage

Kađenica cave in the Ovčar-Kablar Gorge, along with 9 other caves on the way from Italy to Serbia, is put on the EU project list to preserve the natural heritage. The cave is now more accessible, the path to the entrance is restored, and the information boards set. The climb is no longer as steep as it was while the protective fence is installed.

Kađenica has always been on the mountaineer’s route. It is supervised by the Preobraženje Monastery. Even though the cave is relatively modest in speleological decorations, it is best known for its history. It testifies to the events of 1814 and retaliation against the local population. Since then, it has been known as the unique cave and refugee church.

The city of Čačak participated in the EU Adrion project for the past two years concerning the sustainable management and tourist promotion of natural and archaeological heritage in this region.

More info: https://adriaticaves.adrioninterreg.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/10_Adriaticaves_Book_of_Caves_Caves_Serbia.pdf

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