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The only horse mill left

Suvača mill, supervised by the National Museum of Kikinda, will be open to the public from April to the end of October this year. This is the only horse-powered mill left in Serbia, and an important tourist attraction in this part of Serbia.

Suvača tour includes a visit to the mill, a small exhibition within the premises, and educational content and introduction to the history of the facility are also planned. 

Suvača is a typical construction for the 19th-century Vojvodina. It was built in 1899 and stopped working in 1945. Kikinda horse mill is one of the two left in Panonija. Thus, it was put under state protection in 1951, and proclaimed an immovable cultural heritage of great importance for the Republic of Serbia in 1990.

More about Kikinda and Suvača mill: http://www.kikindskimlin.rs/mlinnekad-suvaca.htm

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