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Avala Tower Celebration

Given that Avala Tower is celebrating 11 years after being renovated, another annual cultural event is to be held this April. Visitors will be entertained, able to taste Serbian specialties, or to enjoy performances for children on April 24, which coincides with the beginning of the summer tourism season. The program will be adjusted to the current pandemic restrictions.

Descending the Avala Tower by ropes is also on the agenda. The acting crew of the popular series “Igra sudbine” (Game of Fate) should attend the event.

One of the most beautiful TV transmitters ever built in Europe and the world was operational again following a 5-year reconstruction after it was demolished on April 29, 1999, in a NATO bombing of SR Yugoslavia. The tower that was officially reopened on April 21, 2010, was annually visited by a population of 180,000.

More about the Avala Tower: https://avalskitoranj.rs/

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