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I choose Serbia

Why to be a tourist in Serbia this summer? The answer is given by the ‘I choose Serbia’ campaign of the National Tourism Organisation of Serbia, which presents a different look at the most beautiful domestic destinations this season.

So far, we have reminded you why some of the spas or cities make an ideal vacation, which destinations are suitable for nature lovers and where to go if you are tourists seeking an easy adventure. Along with all that, there is an attractive and rich gastronomic offer with different delights from north to south. We also show you which way to go if you are looking for the finest notes of Serbian wines or brandies.

Summer has just begun, and we are helping you to choose undiscovered nature, well-known tourist attractions and their lesser-known corners. So far, we have visited Sokobanja spa, Tara mountain, the Drina River, Arandjelovac, Topola. We were in Smederevo and Pozarevac, then sailed to the Special Nature Reserve ‘Gornje Podunavlje’, which provides an active vacation. The list also includes Vrnjacka Banja, favorite spa destination of many.

The tourist organisation continues to propose. Choose with your heart and you will choose Serbia.


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