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Promotion of Serbia in front of a multi-million member audience

Judging by the first impressions and the number of text reviews about the tourist offer of Serbia in the world media, this year we can hope for foreign guests. The most impressive were the stories about “merak”, cultural events, but also the potentials of rural tourism. The enthusiasm of the BBC portal readers is shared by Eurosport and Travel Channel followers. We are also inviting Euronews viewers to take a summer walk through the cities this season, and, according to the first reactions, we will meet them at the biggest events and city squares throughout Serbia.

Those who choose the destination based on the Trip Advisor recommendations will get to know Serbia this June as a destination for a vacation in nature, but also as a treasure trove of cultural content.

About 8.5 million followers of the famous Culture Trip portal are looking for as yet undiscovered destinations. We will offer them just these, to enjoy slow adventures. Serbia has potential for those who would like to feel the city energy, or a little more active adventure, and 97 million users of V Kontakte, the largest social network for the Russian-speaking area, will see this.

Explore Serbia here.

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