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Holiday for the daring in the hidden destinations in Serbia

Descend through waterfalls and rocks with or without a rope. Pulling through cracks, diving. Lovers of “canyoning” are looking for all this in one destination. And they can find it in Serbia.

For some vacations you need preparation. Thus, in accordance with their fitness level, fans of such adventures choose the canyon of Beli Rzav, Lazarev canyon, Dubrašnica, the canyon of Mileševka, while the most daring ones are already planning to go to the canyon of Rača or Tribuća.

The summer ahead is an opportunity to explore your boundaries and move them if you are ready. With the right equipment, warm days are ideal for touring destinations that entice you to conquer them. They offer an unforgettable experience, adrenaline therapy, the views you dreamed of and an experience that is retold. Dare, choose an adventure here!


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