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Workation in Serbia

The National Tourism Organisation of Serbia presents a new tourist product called Serbian Open Office that will provide a space for those working in the tourism industry as tourists. Tourists and digital nomads are already well aware of the so-called workation term.

Working remotely allows them to move the office to more inspiring destinations. The plan is that digital nomads stay in Serbia for a month approximately, and during that time they are able to get to know the country.

Belgrade has already been recognized as one of the favourite destinations by digital nomads. They are attracted by the energy of the city, open museums, city life by the river. Another interest is becoming more noticeable – to enjoy the mountain air, a forest nearby, a river view, to be close to healing springs, but also to wake up in a rural household with a traditional Serbian breakfast.

More info: https://www.serbia.travel/en/explore-serbia/serbia-open-office

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